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John Calandro III and Kevin Calandro | $5.4M / $700M | Dallas, TX

It’s a family affair – teams are making moves with the idea of controlling their retirement and/or preserving their business for the future.  Brothers John Calandro III and Kevin Calandro, along with Kevin’s son Robert, announced their departure this past weekend in Dallas from Merrill Lynch for Morgan Stanley.  39-year industry veteran, John Calandro III, and his team oversaw $700M AUM and were generating $5.4M in revenue. 


Eric Verhulst, Joseph Church, and Stephanie Walsh | $4.36M / $800M | St. Louis, MO

Rockefeller continues to grow their network as it establishes new private wealth offices all across the Midwest. This time it’s in St. Louis with the team led by Eric Verhulst, Joseph Church, and Stephanie Walsh, as they announced their departure from Merrill Lynch this past Memorial weekend.  The $4.36M team managed $800M AUM.  This follows the new Rockefeller outposts being established in Detroit, San Antonio, Cincinnati, and Colorado in the last 3 months alone. And all from Merrill Lynch. Why the mass exodus from Merrill to Rock?



Thomas Nieto & Fred Grand Jr | $2B | Newport Beach, CA

Jason Arnold, Tom Mulvaney, George Chuchas | $4.7M / $725M |Roseville, CA

…up and down the whole California state, the ground is moving… Thomas Nieto & Fred Grand Jr. in Newport Beach, CA manage $2B AUM and announced their move to UBS last month.  Also on the move was trio Jason Arnold, Tom Mulvaney and George Chuchas, generating $4.7M revenue on $725M in AUM outside of Sacramento, CA.  Advisors’ need for a more open architecture and flexibility in running their business continue to be key reasons for their transitions.


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