Structuring Your Own Deal

Some financial advisors believe it is best to structure a deal on their own. Then there are some who believe using a recruiter is advantageous when shaping a deal. Which line of thinking is best? That depends on your situation, but we hope to provide some answers here to help you make that first step correctly if a transition is needed.

Why bother hearing a recruiter’s take on the market?

Frankly, all deals are not created equal. In any given year, one recruiting firm has the advantage of seeing the inside of upwards of a 100 deals, which can all vary tremendously from firm to firm. Not to mention, the deals offered by a firm can change overnight; 2015 should be a lesson in this kind of volatility.

All too often financial advisors believe that recruiters cost them money in a deal, that firms would rather give them that money than give it to a recruiter. This is false. All firms work with recruiters and budget any and all deals above and beyond the maximum they might pay you.

Of course, many advisors are well connected – it’s part of the business. It’s important to know that the loyalty of a manager is always to the firm they work for and they do not always show their cards when trying to negotiate for your book.

Would any firm pay top dollar for your book? Not necessarily. Recruiters negotiate for your interests and no one else’s, and besides, there is always competition with regard to production and assets What if you are well versed in employment law or have experience with employment contracts?
Employment contacts are very technical. Firms spend millions on contract language and they prefer you don’t seek counsel.

Do you really have the time and negotiating power? You have a business to run and need to maximize the best use of your time. A recruiter’s job is to save you time and negotiate for your money.

Lastly, not all recruiters are alike. The Gershman Group is the oldest family-owned boutique M&A Advisory firm catering exclusively to high net worth private wealth advisors around the world. For over thirty years we have managed the process by which ultra-high net worth brokerage teams evaluate worldwide opportunities. We have the deepest and most far-reaching connections in the industry and unmatched negotiating power. Firms prefer that our consultants are involved in negotiating a deal because of the caliber of our advisor relationships, and advisors benefit from our acute knowledge of the economics behind hundreds of deals & legal contracts. Most importantly, confidentiality is the hallmark of our firm. Control your own destiny. We urge you to give us a call to discuss your particular situation in the strictest confidence.

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