Managing Director


Jose is a seasoned sales consultant with over a decade of experience specializing in negotiating high-stakes transitions and maximizing deal outcomes for financial advisors managing portfolios over $100M. His largest move involved transitioning a $12 billion, 30-person office, demonstrating his capacity to plan futures and establish legacies for top-tier advisors while maintaining the same wholesome approach for any advisor. Jose’s strategic acumen and deep industry knowledge enable him to enhance financial outcomes and guide advisors toward impactful legacies.

At the core of Jose’s success is his tenure at AdvisorHUB. As one of the original team members, he led transformative sales and digital marketing initiatives that connected with advisors by understanding their unique needs and adapting strategies to thrive in a digital landscape. His pivotal role in content optimization and digital engagement was instrumental in evolving AdvisorHUB from zero to becoming the number one publication for financial advisors, solidifying its status through innovative digital outreach.

Beyond financial services, Jose has demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills in collaborations with notable figures and brands across various sectors. His work includes building 10X Advertising with Grant Cardone, enhancing its impact in the advertising arena; launching Kendall Jenner’s product line, navigating high-profile markets; marketing Zona, a medical device approved by the FDA, with Dr. Travis Stork; and exploring tech investments in mobile applications with Kevin Jonas. These experiences highlight his ability to address large-scale challenges and tailor solutions to both broad and niche markets.

Residing in South Florida with his family, Jose is deeply committed to delivering results that profoundly impact his clients’ professional and personal lives. His comprehensive experience, combined with a dynamic approach to sales and strategy, makes him an invaluable ally for financial advisors aiming to broaden their influence and achieve substantial success in their practices.